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The Sweat Lodge is a dome-shaped hut, made with natural materials used by the indigenous people of the Americas for purification rites. The elders recommend that each person that enters the hut enter with respect, kindness and prayers.


The oldest constructions, dating to 1,000 BC, were platforms of about 2 metres high and 4 wide. About 200 years later, they were up to 5 metres high and in the shape of a pyramid.


The main element of this ceremony is fire. Fire transmits to us if the ceremony is well received or not. If the fire burns low and does not grow, it signifies that we are doing something wrong and that we have not brought the offerings with honesty and love.


In Q’umarkaj there is a system of caves and grottoes that extends for several kilometres under the city. Along the route there are various altars carved into the rock. Hundreds of Mayan descendants come to these caves to pay tribute.